Why You Need a Problem Solver…

I have been asked numerous times why I got involved in this industry.

I was lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents live until I was about 32. When I was a kid, I always enjoyed spending time with them; doing sleepovers, having dinner and learning about their lives. When they would come over for dinners, I would always run out and open the door for my grandmother and help her up the sidewalk, get her dinner for her, and assist in any way possible. I also took my grandfather on July 4th to a neighbor’s house. They were having a neighborhood concert and he remember how much he enjoyed the music.

I also remember the looks people were giving, along with some snickering. I thought to myself that just because my grandparents may be old, doesn’t mean they still can’t enjoy things. Later in life when my grandfather was in a Nursing Facility, I remember call lights going off and noticed how long it would take before any of the staff came to answer his call. I remember how much this infuriated and frustrated me. I took it upon myself to go out to the nursing station to inform them about my grandfather’s needs. I even went so far as to help other patients who were not getting the proper response by bringing their issues to the attention of the staff.

I’ve always had a passion for the elderly but decided to go down another path of doing restaurant work and real estate for some 35 years.

It wasn’t until my wife at the time, who had started a home care company, wanted me to work part-time and become a CNA that I began following my true passion. She knew how passionate I was towards Seniors, and that it would be a natural fit.

That was all it took. After a couple of months, I went full-time and worked at the home care facility for 5 years. I then went to work for a skilled nursing facility as a CNA and moved up to the Ambassador of the company. I was known as the go-to guy. I knew the facility backwards and forwards. I would go above and beyond to get the residents the answers they needed, and their needs satisfied. I would remember everyone’s name and loved putting smiles on all of the residents’ faces. The best part was being able to help not only the residents but the families as well. This was my calling.

Eventually, I started to get stagnant. I was hearing from all of the family members that they were concerned what their next step was going be and how to navigate it. They would ask if I knew of someone who could advocate for them. It was so stressful and an advocate would make their lives so much easier.

So, after a while and having a lot of conversations with the residents and their families, I decided to venture out and start Next Step For Seniors. I became “The Seniors Problem Solver.”

It now has been 5 years since I went out on my own, and I can say that I have experienced an even greater sense of reward and accomplishment. I am not only putting smiles on my clients’ faces but truly helping, navigating, listening and getting them the resources they are entitled to so they can continue to enjoy the quality of lifestyle they want.

I get so much satisfaction by removing the stress that families are feeling and taking on some of the load.

I would enjoy meeting with you to discuss any situation that you may be having for your loved ones or just for yourself, and explaining how I can be of benefit to you.