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As The Seniors Problem Solver, I solve such problems as:

  • Difficulties with navigating the healthcare system.
  • Issues with or changes to a Home Care company.
  • Obstacles relating to the Medicaid application process.
  • Difficulty locating local Medicaid approved providers.
  • Not aware of other government benefits.
  • Trouble with qualifying for Medicaid when over income or asset threshold.
  • Unsafe issues in the home which make aging in place less viable.
  • Dealing with the changes that inevitably happen after being discharged from a facility.
  • Veterans who don’t know what benefits are available to them.

What I Do

I get to the root cause of my clients’ problems and develop potential solutions to rectify the situation.  I then implement the solutions and keep working until I deliver the positive outcome.  I am also proactive, not just reactive, by dealing with potential issues before they become problems; thus saving my client any additional stress and hassle.


Help clients navigate cumbersome approval process; assist in obtaining necessary documentation and personally delivery to proper counties (if possible); thus allowing the Senior to receive their benefits.

Homecare & Home Health

If a homecare provider does not work-out to expectations, the Senior or their family is often at a loss as to how to connect with other options. I assist clients in finding the right care to replace their previous homecare/home health company.

Social Security

Help clients navigate cumbersome approval process; obtain necessary documentation and , if possible, personally deliver to the SSA office. Click on link below to learn more about Social Security, SSDI and Supplemental SS Income.

Post Discharge

After your discharge, I help clients with issues that arise when the help they started with is no longer meeting their needs or expectations. Just because things aren’t turning out like you wanted, doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

Medicaid/Medicare Recertification

Assist client in obtaining necessary documentation and submitting documentation on their behalf to maintain benefits.


Seniors who are having difficulty getting to places they enjoy, I can recommend transportation options that are complimentary or minimal cost.

VA Benefits

Educate veterans about the eligibility requirements for VA benefits. Assist clients in navigating the cumbersome, time-consuming approval process, help in obtaining necessary documentation and deliver to proper organization.


Help clients navigate cumbersome approval process; assist in obtaining necessary documentation and personally delivery to proper SSA department.


Provide and assist in the filling-out of power-of-attorney, living will and income trust documents. If legal issue is more complex, provide Seniors with 2-3 high quality attorney referrals.


Seniors can have difficulty affording to stay in their current home. I advise my clients on appropriate ways to protect and maintain their assets and on alternative financing options when appropriate.

Senior Advocacy

I am on your side and will advocate on your behalf. Senior have trouble getting others to listen to them, take them seriously and follow-through on their commitments. That’s never the case when I get involved.

Home Maintenance

Advise Seniors on appropriate modifications, assist clients in hiring highly-rated, pre-screened home improvement specialists, and, if possible, get modifications covered under Medicaid or volunteer services.